UBio-X Pro 2

The UBio-X Pro offers Face recognition and Fingerprint terminal for both access control & attendance management applications. UBio-X Pro has an incredibly high matching speed as it can recognize faces in less than 1 second over 150,000 faces stored in its massive memory!

It can store up to 500,000 users, 20,000 face templates and 500,000 fingerprints! The maximum capacity of the event logs is 10,000,000 text logs and 20,000 images.

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The UBio-X Pro 2 is a simpler version of UBio-X Pro. It combines facial & fingerprint recognition along with a card reader! This combination unit is used for both access control and workforce management applications. The Facial recognition algorithm has the capability to accurately recognize faces in various lighting conditions. It has an embedded high definition camera to provide a fast matching speed while maintaining high accuracy.

High Ambient Light Conditions Illuminance up to 25,000 Lux
Face recognition at a distance up to 3 meters
Easy face enrollment, user camera or phone
Visible light technology (with IR technology)
High speed face and fingerprint matching
Embedded Web server for easy access via any browser
Real time system update & configuration
Operates in Standalone or Network modes(Access Manager)
Robust and scalable (tens of thousands of users on global basis) for enterprise-wide deployment
API support for easy interface to most software applications
Up to 10,000,000 text logs and 20,000 Images
Multi-lingual interface (LCD & Web)
Wiegand 26-bit, 34-bit or custom for input and output
Card Formats:
-10 Digit Decimal
-3,5 Digit Decimal
-6 Digit Hexadecimal