UBio-X Iris

Offers Iris Recognition and a Fingerprint Terminal. The UBio-X Iris is a combinational unit is used for both access control and workforce management applications.

Product Documents


The UBio-X Iris offers Iris recognition and Fingerprint terminal for both access control and time & attendance applications. UBio-X Iris is able to match your face at a distance up to 50cm in less than a second.

It is FBI PIV + FAP20 Certified, can store up to 200,000 iris registered users and 200,000 fingerprints. It’s huge capacity allows it to store up to 10,000,000 event logs and up to 20,000 photo logs.

The device can be further expanded by plugging in the thermal camera which will be measuring the users’ temperature and in case of fever, will deny access and send the log data to the server.

Product Specifications


CPU: Coretex-A9 Quad Core 1.0GHz
Memory: eMMC 16GByte, DDR3 533MHz 2GB (512MB x 4)
Max log: 10,000,000 (Text), 20,000 (Images)
Operation Temperature: 20 ~ 60℃
Authentication Method(s): Iris, Fingerprint, SmartCard
Iris Max Users: 200,000 (1:1)
Communication: TCP/IP, USB 2.0, Wiegand In & Out, Wi-Fi, RS232, RS485
Dimension: 160.6(W) X 214(H) X 45.4(D)mm
Card: 13.56MHz Smart Card Reader (Module), ISO 14443A/B, MiFare, Felica,125KHz RF Card Reader (Module), EM, 125KHz HID ProxCard Reader (Optional)
Display: 5”, Color Touch LCD, Back Light
Embedded Camera: Dual Camera with Internal Auto-tilt Function & High Definition Camera
USB 2.0
OTG Port for Thermal Camera Connection
Keypad: Touch Screen
FRR /FAR: 0.1% / 0.0001%
Encryption : Secure Socket Layer


Embedded Web server for easy access via any browser
Encrypted network communication
Embedded software, no software installation necessary.
Able to setup SSL encrypted communication between units & browser
Real time system update & configuration
Auto-match support up to 20,000 users (1:1/1:N)
Operates in Standalone or Network modes(Access Manager)
API support for easy interface to most software applications
Up to 10,000,000 text logs and 20,000 Images
Multi-lingual interface (LCD & Web)
Wiegand 26-bit, 34-bit or custom for input and output
Card Formats:
-10 Digit Decimal
-3,5 Digit Decimal
-6 Digit Hexadecimal