ACTAtek MIFARE® External Reader(IP based)

The ACTAtek MIFARE® External Reader(IP based) is completely compatible with the ACTAtek Biometric and MIFARE® Smartcard units. Providing TCP/IP port creates a cost effective means of deploying access control to multiple doors which the administrator will be able to do the remote management via the web-based Access Manager from HQ.

  • LED indication of power/grant & deny access/network status
  • Small and attractive form factor
  • IP65 compliant
  • Enroll Smart Card through Web  UI  (no additional software required)
  • Access Manager Support

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The ACTAtek External MIFARE® Card Reader(IP based) has a relay output to operate a door control.  Access is granted or denied through authentication via the MIFARE® smartcard.

Registration and card writing  is via the master ACTAtek Unit to update user data with Access Manager or you can Login to device’s Web UI to enroll the Smart Card for the user. Smartcards registered via the master ACTAtek unit will be immediately readable at any readers which were registered with Access Manager.

The ACTAtek External MIFARE® Reader(IP based) is an attractive, small, cost effective unit that can be used as a means of extending the ID management platform from a full biometric or smartcard access control system to additional card authentication door access control or time and attendance system.

Easy installation with IP65 compliant
Fully integrated into the ACTAtek web-based applications
Seamless and transparent data gathering in real-time
Enroll Smart Card users through Web UI (no additional software required)
Access Manager support
ACTAtek support 4 Byte e.g.MIFARE® Classic card,and 7 Byte e.g.MIFARE® Ultralight card . (***Product model no.:ACTA3er-1K-SH2Ma.***)